Our mission is to bring people together in a “third space” in Docklands to experience both “shalom” peace and a sense of community. Whether people are travelers, residents or workers we desire to take time to deeply listen, practice radical hospitality, pray, encourage and affirm one another. Our weekly rhythms include meditation and mindfulness practices, “Chai + chat” and just hanging out!’
Our meditations include “Mindful Meditation” (a 15 minute practice incorporating deep breathing and relaxation), “Monastic Meditation” (a 25 meditation practice in the Judeo-Christian tradition) and other practices such as Nature meditation and Devotion Circles. Celebrating cultural festivals and hosting events such as soirees (especially around food) are also part of life in our community.
The Third Space community is made up of both Christ-followers and others from diverse backgrounds. The Third Space is also a place of networking, collaboration and co-working with a focus on the Christian faith-based sector.
We enjoy collaborating with other like-minded groups such as The Waterjars, Christian Backpackers and HikingFaith.
We welcome all who visit just once and embrace all who choose to stay and belong.
The Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation used this land as both a food source and a meeting place – both of which we greatly appreciate and enjoy at The Third Space.

Donations can be made via direct deposit via

Account name: Chandelier Ministries
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