Welcome to the “front door” of 

The Third Space  

“Please come in!”


Our “third space” is now both a virtual and face-to-face meeting place

 where we gather to experience

  “Shalom” peace and a sense of belonging


Our weekly rhythms:
Tuesday 2nd of February 2021


Tuesdays: HYBRID practices
12:10pm Mindful Meditation
with Michael Graham
Chai and Chat
1:10pm Mindful Meditation
with Allison Hellier

Wednesdays: ONLINE ONLY 

12:10pm  Mindful Movement
with Naomi Pryde (Path of the beloved ) is an experienced facilitator who will be leading us in this new holistic practice to help us keep our sacred shells healthy. 

 Thursdays: HYBRID practices

Monastic Meditation 
with various facilitators
Community Lunch in Docklands
1:10pm Mindful Meditation

with Allison Hellier



Find our online meditations

here and on Youtube 




The Virtual Third Space
Meeting Room

Join us in the Zoom Room here

Meeting ID: 844 737 7223
Passcode: 2020

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“We really love being creative, spending time together, slowing down a bit and learning to just “be”.

We are a beautifully diverse community, including many who are Christ-followers and others with different or no particular spiritual practices. At one time our focus was only in Docklands, Melbourne but now with our hub being online we can open our “doors” to the world!

Our rhythms and gatherings all flow out of a philosophy of shalom.
Jesus, once given the title Prince of Peace, said He would give us His shalom (Hebrew word for peace) – a holistic expression incorporating peace in our bodies, souls, mind and spirit. When we experience shalom, we experience restored relationships, including with each other, the creation and the Divine.

Our community welcomes all who visit just once and embrace all who choose to stay and belong.”

Allison: The Third Space Community Facilitator



Office front: G.10 at 22 Import Lane

“Lifestyle Working” 838 Collins St, Docklands





By car: 2 hour street parking is available or Wilson Parking, 800 Bourke Street

By tram from Southern Cross Station: Trams 11, 42, 48 – Tram stop D17 (Cnr Merchant St/Collins St)


Mobile: + 61 (0) 425 717 548

Email: g10.thethirdspace@gmail.com