Celu Selah
, in partnership with The Third Space,
is inviting you to join us for

Awakening Presence:
Cultivating a Sacred and Somatic Practice

A transformative workshop that merges ancient contemplative practices of Christian mysticism with somatic techniques to illuminate inner Presence.

Your awareness of your Presence is an extension of your practice, shaping your relationship to your innermost Self, the world around you and Divine Love. In each session Soul Care practitioner, Jana Holland, will gently guide you through one of a diverse range of holistic practices including: – Centering prayer  – Breathwork – Lectio Divina – Movement – Mindfulness These practices are designed to ignite presence, nurture your spirit, and align your actions with your values, emphasizing tending to your body.

Wednesday 11th October @7:30pm
Wednesday 25th October @ 7:30pm

Wednesday 8th November @ 7:30pm
Wednesday 22nd November @ 7:30pm
Wednesday 6th December @ 7:30pm

Please note that these times/dates are Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) and are running the alternate weeks to the Christ-centred mediations on Mondays. 

While The Third Space is hosting Jana Holand for these workshops we would like to encourage you to be a co-contributer and consider making a voluntary donation for the five sessions (perhaps $50 or $10/session??)

Trauma-Informed Spiritual Care practitioner Jana Holland is a mystic, musician, and deep listener with twenty years of experience immersed in the life study of spiritual and somatic practice. She supports people of all backgrounds and offers guidance to those going through a faith transition, crisis, or spiritual emergence. Her spiritual heritage is rooted in the Abrahamic-Judeo-Christian tradition, and her work focuses on spiritual, emotional, and somatic healing, soul purpose, and exploring the inner sacred.

Jana holds a B.Sc. in Communications and Psychology from UW-Milwaukee, a MA in Global Leadership and Spiritual Direction from Fuller Seminary, and a Certificate in Somatic Trauma Therapy from The Embody Lab. She is also a member of SDI (Spiritual Directors International) and ANSD (Australian Network of Spiritual Directors). Besides her formal training, Jana is well-versed in Breathwork, Christian Mysticism, Contemplative Prayer, Dream Sensing, Enneagram, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Somatic Practices.

Allison Hellier is the Curator of The Third Space and will be moderating this workshop.
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Meeting ID: 844 737 7223
Passcode: 2020

For details Allison can be contacted on 0425 717 548 or g10.thethirdspace@gmail.com

There is no need to reserve a place to attend the Awaking Presence workshops – you are welcome to join whenever you can. 

If you would like to you can make a co-contribution by either Direct Deposit or Paypal (with a Credit Card or PayPal account) or even cash the next time you see Allison in person. 

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Chandelier Ministries

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